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"Un laboratorio di movimento in aria e a terra in cui esplorare e giocare.
Workshop assolutamente aperto A TUTTI, principianti e non!!!
Insieme svilupperemo le principali figure sul tessuto aereo, concentrandoci su resistenza e flessibilità, coordinazione ed equilibrio e sul nostro orientamento spaziale. "

 MAJ5342 min


L'incontro si terrà SABATO 1 APRILE 2017,DALLE ORE 16:00 ALLE ORE 19:00 presso la palestra dell'Olympic Rock, in via Frescobaldi 23 a Trieste.

Vieni a iscriverti presso la segreteria dell'Olympic Rock, a Trieste in via Frescobaldi 23. 
Ci trovi dopo le ore 18:00 dal lunedì al venerdì.

Il costo dell'iscrizione è di 30 euro a persona.

Le preiscrizioni terminano martedì 28 marzo, corri a riservare il tuo posto!

Per qualsiasi altra informazione chiamaci al:
338 3689367 (Erika) 
o mandaci una mail a:
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Aerial silk - Aerial Movement Program

A laboratory of movement in the air and on the ground in which we explore and play, rotating, turning, inverting, twisting, falling and hanging. 
The program’s main aims are for participants to enjoyably better develop:
- vertical, aerial fabric, movement skills;
- the basic keys and figures that enable twists, rolls and drops;
- strength and flexibility;
- coordination and balance; 
- direction turning and spatial orientation.

Warming up with focus on the shoulder girdle, pelvis and hips leads to mechanic movement exploration, helping us understand how to move our bodies in a wide range of ways. This approach is built upon many years of yogic practice and research in the field of circus disciplines, including aerial silk, rope, hammock and handstand, and expands flexibility, builds strength, increasing balance and coordination. At the same time, it is also great preparation for inversions, like headstands, handstands, wheels, cartwheels and their numerous variations on the ground and in the air.

On the aerial silk, you’ll learn different ways to warm up your body and workouts to develop the strength for movement in the air, and different climbing and descending techniques, as well as their connection to the basic figures they lead to and from, exploring them, connecting them to more advanced figures. Gradually, we will approach more complex figures, rotations, twists and drops. 

Movement is a never ending story, and you’re more than welcome to become part of its telling and enjoyment, to keep on hanging on!

The Aerial Silk, Aerial Movement Program is open to absolute beginners, as well as those with some experience.

Dana Auguštin

A graduate of both the Centre National des Arts du Cirque, France (2008) and the Academy of Fine Arts, Slovenia (2005), I am proactively engaged in the field of circus arts performance and education, teaching, organising and leading workshops, and choreography and performing.
A certificated Shivananda and Unnata Aerial Yoga teacher, I facilitate the learning of aerial silk and yoga, hammock acrobatics, floor flexibility and balance, and work with artists globally to promote innovative, experimental circus, including: Gérard Fasoli, Bruno Dizien, Bruno Krief, Dirk Schambacher, Georges Lavaudant (20e première), and AADN Dévelopement des arts et cultures numériques (Crossroads), France; Archaos (In Vitro), France-Brasil; Thierry de Mey (Rémanences), Belgium; Boris Vecchio and Circumnavigando, Italy; and Iztok Kovač, En Knap, Matjaž Pograjc and Branko Potočan, Slovenia.